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Many of you may have heard of the acronym KISS. For those of you that don’t know, KISS most famously stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. Now, before anyone gets worked up no one here is calling any one person stupid. KISS is a design principle that was originally coined by the U.S. Navy in 1960. The theory is that most things in life function at their best when the design is kept simple instead of complex. Over the years, many other industries have adapted this theory, some have introduced a change to the second S creating other variations. But still the same principle –

Keep It Simple Silly
Keep It Simple and Straightforward
Keep It Short and Simple

simple, unaltered beauty.

For KISS design & Co, we utilize the KISS principle and apply it to designing homes, businesses and retail spaces. We will show you ways to keep your designs simple while improving the overall project. On this blog we will not only look at home renovations and space planning but we will also take a look at retail design and merchandising. Whether it is in your home, in your business or in your store. There are simple tricks you can apply that will give you huge return.

So lets keep it simple sss… and start designing!

Hello and Welcome to K.I.S.S design & Co.

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